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The Ganbare Goemon Anime was released in 1997, with a total of 23 Episodes shown on TBS Japan. In 2003, ADV Films dubbed the anime and renamed it
"The Legend of The Mystical Ninja".

The story begins with a 10 year-old boy named Tsukasa Ishikawa who lives a typical schoolboy life, then one night upon playing a Goemon videogame the man himself jumps out of Tsukasa's TV Screen. Goemon tells Tsukasa about the villians: Harikari Seppukumaru & the 4 Tsujigiri who were sent by the evil Maguamuge.

Their evil mission was to cause distress on the world, which in-turn fills the "Rage-gauge" device and allows them open a Cyber Tunnel from Earth to the the Game world allowing Maguamuge to take over.

Goemon and his Ninja friends won't stand for it and with help from Omitsu's special Ohagi Rice Balls, Goemon Impact is summoned to thwart every plan Seppukumaru was scheming!

Eventually, Maguamuge has enough of Seppukumaru's failures and banishes him, then summons Dr. Mudanashi and his android assistant, Mr. Protein to finish the job.

Tension gets high towards the final episodes, the Cyber Tunnel starts to open and Maguamuge unveils part of his true form, but when Goemon finally defeats Dr. Mudanashi in an epic battle, the Cyber Tunnel is closed up stopping Maguamuge in his tracks and leaving the world in peace!

Tsukasa learns many new things about life and Goemon returns to the Game world with evil being at bay.