In the year 2000, the launch of the Playstation 2 takes place in Japan. Konami creates another series for Goemon which takes Goemon into a more realistic setting than the previous series. Goemon appears younger than that of the Ganbare series and is joined with a white tiger cub called Kotora who helps him in his quest to stop the evil Tranoo destroying Japan.

Although the character's designs have changed, they still resemble the original Ganbare Goemon series characters more than New Age - where the main characters were replaced. Having said this, these characters are not playable and there is no Goemon Impact.

This game was not too successful in Japan, like New Age. The now defunct games publisher Working Designs had been trying for years after to try and bring this title worldwide, but due to Sony's judgement, it never happened and that sadly nailed the coffin for Working Designs in 2005.


Bouken Jidai Katsugeki Goemon (PS2/2000)