Towards the end for 32-bit graphic era, Konami decided to create a brand-new series for Goemon. Not re-entering the wacky adventures like the previous Ganbare series, but with a new set of characters, setting and style.

Every character had been changed: Goemon had been replaced with a new Goemon with a punky look, taller than the orignal. Ebisumaru has been replaced with a girl called Ebisu who has a crush on New Goemon. Yae has been replaced by Yui, who is similar in her abilities but her personality is different. Sasuke is the least transformed character, his hair is differently shaped and he has alot of missle weapons. More information on the character page.

The story is similar to previous games, but it is now set in Futuristic Japan. It seems the original Goemon has his appearance in the series, he is seen as the retired elder of the Ninjas and tells them what they have to do. You do not see the other original characters.


Goemon: Shin Sedai Shuumei (PS/2001)

Goemon: New Age Shutsudou! (GBA/2002)