» Sonicdude_uk
Original Site Creator - News Writer - Content Development

I've always been quite a big fan after playing the N64 Goemon games, as i began to like the series more and more, i wanted to find more information about Goemon as, all i knew about it there was 2 N64 games available and the manuals contained basic character info. So when i got the internet, i actually thought of searching for Goemon on google, there was hardly anything, but i found the original Mystical Website Of Goemon and learnt more about Goemon, i also relised alot more games exsisted, i soon found a link to The Mystical Ninja Club, and this is where i could actually talk to other Goemon fans from around the world.

Although The Mystical Website Of Goemon was a great help on finding more about Goemon, i wanted to find media on Goemon, after a lot of searching i found nothing. then 14th July 2004 i decided to create a Ganbare Goemon website with Freewebs, and this site would actually allow fans to interact more with the lost Goemon media

So this is where i stand today, i feel i've filled the gap and i believe it has uplifted Goemon Fandom, and this means there's one more Goemon site on the net that everyone can visit.

GOEMON International ~ Staff

» Jingleboy
Site Helper - News Writer - Content Development

Hello there! I'm Jingleboy. I've been a major Goemon fan since the N64 era. (Surprise, Surprise).

Around 2003, I discovered many Goemon related websites, which I usually visited. One of these many websites was Sonicdude_uk's own Goemon site, which was hosted on Freewebs. That site was just the stepping stone to the fantasic place called Goemon International today! I also joined the The Mystical Ninja Club on Yahoo groups, as well as started my own Goemon-related Sprite Comic "G.T.M.N". (Original, huh?). I also did the "infamous" Goemon Wiimote script, which is on this site. That's all, really. After GI was started, the forums were created, and that's where I got my chance to finally be one of the GI team. I joined while I got the chance, as being one of the mantainers of the biggest Goemon media on the web is hardly something to sneeze at. While Goemon news is usually rather slow, I shall try keep GI active by updating occasionally.

With that, all I can really say now is adios, and enjoy the site!

GOEMON International ~ Staff


» Ark
Site Designer - Maintenance - Content Advisor

About near the end of 2004, Ark emailed me about the interest in the Goemon PSX Isos, we soon became friends and I was oneday saying how i wanted to give the old website a new look and this is when he surgested the layout, but before then he helped me get hold of some videoclips etc and then before i knew it, the Layout was ready and he's joined the staff of Goemon International, he is also the one who thought of the new site name. Since then, Ark has been missing in action and no longer visit the site.

GOEMON International ~ Staff

» Sarahsuke
Site Helper - News Writer - Content Advisor

Oh hey, another fan since the N64 days! Who would've thought? My first exposure to Goemon was actually through the show Nick Arcade, but I wasn't officially hooked until Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. Obtaining Internet access furthered my interest in the series, until it became a habit of mine to browse Japanese websites to get my fandom fix.

I frequented the Mystical Ninja Club and the Mystical Website of Goemon for a time, but eventually I had to look elsewhere when site activity ground to a halt. I was glad to have discovered Goemon International, and became an active poster at the forums. Two years later, I was promoted to admin status.

I will also try my best to keep the site alive as the ultimate source for Ganbare Goemon fans.

Then after two years (2011), little did we know that Sarahsuke would call it quits to pursue other interests.

GOEMON International ~ Staff