Goemon International would not be what it is today without the help of other Goemon fans. We would like to thank these people for contributing over the years to help the site expand to what it is today. Take a look below to see our appreciation!

General Thanks:


For creating Goemon International's original layout and for a vast amount of help on site maintenance. Also:

For Submitting:

"Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon - Opening" (Video)

"Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon - I Am Impact" (Video)

"Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon - Gorgeous My Stage" (Video)

Xiao Sa:

For Submitting:

"Ganbare Goemon Opening: Shonen no Hane!" (Music)

"Ganbare Goemon Opening 2: You're Mine!" (Music)

"Ganbare Goemon Ending: O.K O.K." (Music)


For Submitting:

"Ganbare Goemon Art Book" (Scans)


For Submitting:

"Ganbare Goemon DS: Impact Battle" (Video)


For Submitting:

"Bouken Jidai Katsugeki Goemon - Opening" (Video)


For Helping encode the OVA


For Submitting:

"Ganbare Goemon 4 Manual/Box/Cartridge scans" (Scans)

"Ganbare Goemon 2 Manual/Box/Cartridge scans" (Scans)

"Ganbare Goemon: Seikuushi Dynamites Arawaru!! Screenshots"(Misc)


For Submitting:

"Ganbare Goemon DS scans" (Misc)

"Nintendo Power MNSG review" (Review)

"Nintendo Power GGA review" (Review)


For Submitting:

"Goemon: Mononoke Sugoroku scans" (Scans)

"Bouken Jidai Katsugeki Goemon Guidebook scans" (Scans)

"Various Manga scans" (Misc)


For being awesomely amazing and creating Goemon International V2.0.

For Submitting:

"Wiimote Script" (Misc)

"Mystical Ninja Starring: Goemon 2 scans" (Scans)

...And all those other scans I did and forgot. Go me!


For Submitting:

"List of all voice actors" (Misc)

"Pachislot Ganbare Goemon OST" (Music)


For Submitting:

"Legend of the Mystical Ninja Review" (Review)


For Submitting:

"Bouken Jidai Katsugeki Manual Scans" (Scans)

Goemon Music Ripping Team:

Ganbare Goemon ~Neo Momoyama-Bakufu no Odori~ Original Game Soundtrack:

jelbo: Coordination, NFO, Scan retouching, Tagging, File naming; Basically preparing this whole thing. And of course trying to motivate people to translate.

ChangeV: Ripping, Encoding, Scanning

Chirlind: Translating

Shizen: Translating

View Credits & Lyrics here!

Ganbare Goemon ~Deroderodochu Obake Tenkomori~ Original Game Soundtrack:

jelbo: Tagging, NFO, Coordination, Scan retouching, etc.

Boiler Bro Joe: Ripping, Encoding, Scanning the covers/CD/etc.

Chirlind: Translating Liner Notes, CD Credits

Heishiro: Tracklist translation

Arch_Slayer: Tracklist translation

Titney: Tracklist translation

UNKNOWNFILE: Japanese lyrics

View Credits & Lyrics here!

Mystical Ninja ~Starring Goemon~ Original Game Audio:

jelbo: Recording, Editing, Encoding, Tagging, Naming, Scanning, etc.

Chirlind: providing and translating the lyrics

bishop743: Doing listening tests

Thanatos: Doing listening tests

RuneWalsh: Doing listening tests

View Credits & Lyrics here!

All 3 soundtracks were released via #gamemusic @ irc.xelium.net