»Pachislot Ganbare Goemon OST!


Good day, every peoples!

Well, the time as come! The music page has been updated with the OST for the Goemon Pachinko game! Credits go to Sarahsuke for ripping these and uploading them to Megaupload and youtube. We've also added a download for the Goemon: Mononoke Sugoroku OST, again, thanks to Sarahsuke.

Want to purchase your own Goemon Pachislot OST? Play-Asia is the answer! Here are some pictures I snapped from my version. If you guys want scans, don't hesitate to contact me.

As for the Mystical Ninja Starring: Goemon prototype, you can still help! Only a few more donations to go before we will be able to finally play this gem.

I'll see you guys again soon!

by Jingleboy

»Aren't you guys lucky?


More wallpaper and the 4koma manga I was talking about before! Unfortunately, I'm not sure if there will be any more pachisuro-related updates after this...

Look on the bright side, though - I bought the OST and will undertake the task of providing rips once it arrives on my doorstep! They'll be hosted both here and on my YouTube channel.

by Sarahsuke

»Music & Goodies


The pachisuro game's soundtrack has been released today! A new screensaver and music clip also await you!

I'll also be updating with the 4koma manga from the official site in due time.

by Sarahsuke

»Mystical Ninja Starring: Goemon Beta!


Pretty big news for MNSG fans today!

Over at Unseen64 - A website dedicated to showing Nintendo 64 games in their early development days - a recent topic has been made allowing us to make the choice of either having the Prototype "Ganbare Goemon 5" being dumped and free for us to play, or dumping "Earthworm Jim 2". Of course, we want Goemon, and you can help! All information needed is located here.

Other than this, I've not got much to say. New wallpaper uploaded, and new music will still be added to the music page each week.

Hope you give the MNSG prototype a think-over, and I'll catch you all later!

by Jingleboy

»A Very Brief Update


How brief is it, you ask?

There's a new music clip from the pachisuro game.

Now that's brief!

by Sarahsuke

»Delicious Updates!


Hi again!

There's new music clips from the pachisuro game, as well as some new desktop wallpaper to download!

We at Goemon International wish our American friends a happy 4th of July!

by Sarahsuke

»y halo thar


I bet you didn't expect to see another new face so soon, huh?

The name's Sarahsuke, and I'm the newest member of the GI admin team! As an avid Goemon fan, I'm sure you've seen me here and there.

I'm definitely looking forward to using my vast knowledge of Ganbare Goemon-related trivia to help this site flourish!

by Sarahsuke

»More more stuff


Hello guys/gals, I've got some nice stuff today. First and most important of all, I have scanned/uploaded the manual for Ganbare Goemon: Tengu-to no Gyuakashu.

Recently, GGP was finally released in Japan. By now, there will be a few videos kicking around the internet with people playing the pachinko machines showing what it is like to play one. The official website is still continuing to update as well, with various goodies. Most of these have been put up on GI.

The music page has been updated for the first time in ages, and now has a section dedicated to the GGP OST. The proper OST is released on July the 29th, and can be bought from Konami's site.

On the Misc downloads page I've added the new GGP desktop backgrounds. Hope you enjoy them!

That's all for now, peeps. Hope you are having an nice summer!

by Jingleboy

»Thar we go!


Okay, just to let you guys know that I managed to upload manual scans and stuff for Ganbare Goeomon: Uchukaizoku Akogingu. Hope you enjoy them!

Edit: I'm currently in the process of fixing the english episode section. I've fixed a few downloads on the Misc. download page too as well as added a new wallpaper.

(Still shortest update in GI history)

by Jingleboy

»Its been a while...


First of all, sorry about the delay with updates. Nothing to worry about, we aren't losing interest in poor Goemon, just that I'm having problems uploading files that are bigger than 15kb. Not very convenient, as you can imagine.

Due to this problem, I haven't added any new material to the site, but I still have news to bring! Remember Ganbare Goemon Pachisuro? Of course you do! Well, the site has been updated again, now becoming more interactive. Every friday, the website is updated with new media such as music from the game, desktop wallpapers, art, etc!

Being the kind soul I am, I've got the direct links to the music here for you to download at will. (Just right click > Save link as) I will upload these to GI when I get to an internet connection that actually uploads. Appare, more commonly known as the credit music to a few of the Goemon games. Goe Goe Spark, one of my personal favourite songs from Goemon. Remember to check the site for updates!

Before I go, the GI staff are aware that yes, some of the links around the site still do not work. We plan to fix this around summer time, so please bare with us! Adios!

by Jingleboy

»More Manual scans and the like


Hi guys! With all the excitement over the new Goemon Arcade game, I hope you've not forgotten about me!

In this update, I have added Ganbare Goemon: Yukihime Kyuushutsu Emaki images and manual scans, as well as Famicom Mini Volume 20: Ganbare Goemon Karakuri Douchuu images/maunal scans. Short update, really! (Also added the manual scans of GG2 to the page.)

Also note, Seppukumaru has yet again updated her dialogue translation of Ganbare Goemon: Seikuushi Dynamites Arawaru! Please be sure to give it a check.

That's all I remember for now. Toodle peeps!

by Jingleboy

» Goemon Pachinko Promotional Video


It just gets better and better for the new Slot machine game; Konami have updated their website again but supplying a long 7minute promo video featuring lots of Animation, gameplay and narration even from Ebisumaru. I like how they cameo the tiger god graphic from Bouken Jidai Katsugeki on the wall scroll; in the house scene too!


I've also supplied Downloadable links to the videos, if you'd rather have them available on your harddrive:

Ganbare Goemon Pachinko Trailer

Ganbare Goemon Pachinko Promo Video

(currently these are megaupload links, we are updating and fixing the media hosts bit by bit and in time everything will be back to normal)

A good Japanese friend of mine gave me a brief translation of the 1st trailer, its not much... But i figured it would be worth mentioning, it goes as follows:

'strong power, bonus three loop'

"I'm coming"

'strong art, amazing journey path'

"You're in the way!"

'Go for it Goemon, fighting in a strange world'

'You have a choice, it is a bonus'

'Colourful aswell as exciting production'

'This Goemon world centres here'

That was all i was able to get out of Takuya. He said some of it is not litteral translation but in the best way he could translate it to english.

Be sure to keep an eye on the official site:


  Further updates may come by...!

by Sonicdude_uk


» New Goemon Arcade Game For Japan!


Ossu! It's my first news update for this year, hope everyone is doing well!

Got some news that'll definately get your Goemon fandom roaring!

Ganbare Goemon Pachisuro(?)


To be honnest, not alot is really known of this game, however what we do know is that its due for release in March (Japan) And will be yet another Goemon title to never leave Asia...

A huge thanks goes to Sarahsuke for pointing out this, and also for uploading the trailer onto youtube.

You can see the original quality trailer over at:


  The website itself is pretty vague on whats going on here, but i think it's all explained in the trailer and sadly my Japanese still isnt at a high enough level to tell you what's what.

Will be back with updates on this game when i get them!

by Sonicdude_uk



Well, that's me back. Hope you guys had a good New Year and stuff!

Quite recently, for the first time in 3 years Konami updated the Ganbare Goemon DS site. Sadly, it turned out to be a reminder that if you purchase a Nintendo DSi, you cannot access the hidden minigames in GGDS due to lack of a GBA slot. Still, good to see that Konami haven't forgotten Goemon!

Now, I've got quite a bit to post, so try bear with me here!

Due to recent problems and complaints, I've decided to move our media host. It's currently situated at Freewebtown, but most people appear to be having problems accessing the Goemon files on there, so I'm in the middle of a transition of moving the media to a more stable host. Sorry for all the inconvenience caused. I'll make an update declaring when the transition is complete the moment it has. Currently, only the Japanese Goemon anime episodes section has been successfully transfered.

In terms of site updates, I've got 2 of the following: Bouken Jidai Katsugeki Goemon Guide Book, kindly scanned by forum member Diehard_fan and Ganbare Goemon 2: Kiteretsu Shogun Magginesu Manual/Box scans courtesy of Seppukumaru. Big round of applause for these guys! I'll be sure to add you to the thanks page.

Youtube related, Sarahsuke who recently uploaded the OST from Goemon's Great Adventure also uploaded the OST from Goemon: Mononoke Sugoroku. Check out the playlist for that here. Sarahsuke also made playlist for Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. Kudos!

Goemon makes an appearance the recent Hyadain remix for Konami Wai-Wai World, with english subs by Enigmaopoeia. His part is more or less the same as his own Hyadain remix, which is a shame, but it doesn't stop it being amusing!

On a last note, Seppukumaru has updated her Ganbare Goemon: Seikuushi Dynamites Arawaru! dialog translation. Be sure to give it a look.That's all for this update, hopefully within the next week or so, I will be able to upload scans from Ganbare Goemon: Yukihime Kyuushutsu Emaki, as well scans the Famicom Mini Volume 20: Ganbare Goemon Karakuri Douchuu.

by Jingleboy

»Christmas time


Heh, the slow updates begin! Sorry about that, guys. I did say I was going to do some stuff in the previous post, but currently it's important time at University, so unfortunately I won't be doing much detailed updates until January is over.

I'm just stopping by to say that we at Goemon International wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Happy Holidays etc if you don't celebrate Christmas.

While I'm here, I'll do a quick flog of neat Goemon links.

Recently Sarahsuke of the forums uploaded the Goemon's Great Adventure soundtrack to youtube. Check that out here, with autoplaying playlist and all! Seppukumaru also from our dear forums continues on with her epic dialogue translation of Ganbare Goemon: Seikuushi Dynamites Arawaru!

Another one to watch is Red from Seasoned Duck, who is currently creating a fan-made Goemon game. Recently Red released a demo, more info on that here. Feedback would be appricated as the game is currently still in the development stage.

...And that's all I remember for right now. Happy holidays guys, stay safe, and have a great time!

by Jingleboy

»Goemon: Mononoke Sugoroku and other bits


Another month gone, and some more scans you guys to enjoy!

This time we have manual scans from Goemon: Mononoke Sugoroku, kindly presented to us by Diehard_Fan of the forum. Access those lovely scans here. Seppukumaru also managed to get a picture of the GG4 Gamecart, so I've added that to the GG4 page.

I've been thinking about future updates, so (hopefully) coming soon, I will update the Game Library with the list of voice actors throughout the main series/anime. This area was researched by Sarahsuke of the forums, and will be added as soon as I get the chance. I've got to say, I'm really thankful for the GI forum members being so happy to contribute to the site! You guys are awesome!

Also coming soon, we will be adding a "Cameo page" which takes note and details of cameos of Goemon in other games, as well as other games getting cameos within Goemon, as Konami is pretty well-known for this. Found a cameo and wanna help out? Either drop me a line from the Staff contact page, or post in the GI forums.

And with that, I leave you guys with this rather old and funny in-sight onto the Goemon anime, and bid you guys a good week!

by Jingleboy

»Biggish update


Another week, another load of scans. Unfortunately, I was unable to get those GG2 scans like I said, so in this update I'll make up for it with a few new things.

First off, we have Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon 2 (Aka GGA) manual scans, as well as the Cartridge AND a review! Alongside that, I've also added the Cartridge and 2 reviews for Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon! Thanks to RandomS of the forum for donating 2 of these reviews. (About a year ago or so now.)

However, that isn't all. RandomS yet again was kind enough to donate scans of the GG DS manual for your enjoyment! I think a round of applause is in order. Find these here.

Apart from our site getting bigger, there hasn't been much Goemon-related news at all. The Goemon movie that I mentioned in the past has now got an official website. Worth checking out if you are interested in the upcoming movie.

That's all for this update. See you guys later and remember to subscribe to the RSS feed!

by Jingleboy

»Updating streak!


It seems our web media has come on in the past month! Not only did we just get GG3 Manual/Box scans along with Konami Collection Vol. 3 Manual/Box scans, but now, Seppukumaru of the GI forum has kindly scanned the Manual/Box for GG4!

Many thanks to her for that! Also, if things go according to plan, we may be seeing GG2 Manual/Box scans up here in a week or two.

Among other things, I've added some screenshots into the Game Libary for all the Nes, Snes and GB/C games, as I felt that "Screenshots:" tag had been empty for too long.

Again, as stated last update, there might some small modifications to parts of the site. For example, Goemon International is now proud to announce the new RSS Feed! What is an RSS feed you might ask? An RSS feed basically tells you the second the site gets updated, so you don't need to keep checking back. Simply click the icon below (Or in the menu), and add it to your RSS reader! (Or Firefox live bookmarks.)

Hope you guys give it a try, as it's a useful feature.

Unfortunately, other than that, there is not much else to report. Hopefully next time I'll have those GG2 scans to show to you guys!

Take care!

by Jingleboy

»Website updates


Some of you guys might have noticed minor changes to the site in the past few days. Some pages have been slightly edited and some extra content has been added.

The important new things are the Ganbare Goemon 3 scans and the Konami Game Boy Collection Vol. 3 scans. I worked hard to scan these for you guys, so I hope you enjoy them!

Other changes to the site consist of the "F.A.Q" page being added to the menu, Worldwide downloads being renamed to English downloads and Favicon - if you didn't notice. My MNSG Wii Remote script has also been added to the Misc downloads page. Over the next few days I will probably continue to edit some pages for reasons such of grammar, etc. If you spot something that you think needs attention, then please feel free to contact the staff via this page.

That's all for this update. Hope you have a nice week!

by Jingleboy

»Why Hello There


Hello there! I'm sure some of you will be surprised to see an update not by Sonicdude_uk!

You may have seen me around various Goemon-related sites or even tried my Wiimote script for MNSG! I am Jingleboy, and I've been an avid-Goemon fan for around 10 years now. However, more info about me on the Staff page.

For you guys, I managed to get a hold of a copy of Ganbare Goemon 3: Shishijyuurokubei No Karakuri Manji Katame, from which I scanned the manual for your enjoyment! There is also pictures of the box/cart as a whole. These will be added shortly.

While things have been slow/quiet on the Goemon front, there has been an announcement of a Goemon film, which is due to come out in 2009. It isn't based on the Konami Ganbare Goemon we know and love, but more about the history of the original Ishikawa Goemon whom Goemon is modelled after. For those who out there who want to know more about the origin of the character Goemon, this movie shall help provide those answers.

However, below is an interesting video which features the Goemon (Ebisumaru too!) we know:

This video was found by Sarahsuke of the forum, which was subtitled by Enigmaopoeia. It is the Hyadain remix of Ganbare Goemon. I think it's brilliant, as the characters are captured perfectly.

Also, for those who don't know, Diehard_Fan - another of our lovely forum members - has taken liberty to translating parts from the Snes Ganbare Goemon games which weren't released worldwide! His Youtube channel is here, and I strongly suggest you visit his Goemon blog too.

And with that, I leave this update. Expect more in soon!

by Jingleboy

» Two More Crazy TV Commericals


Goemon never fails to weird me out, came across these Ads the other night & thought i'd share;

You may have already seen these over at Gamepressure, if not you can watch them here:

Ganbare Goemon 2 Kiteretshu Shogun Magginesu - TV Commercial 1

Ganbare Goemon 2 Kiteretshu Shogun Magginesu - TV Commercial 2

  Right! Time to start tidying up the site & improving the information pages, some of the forum members have given ideas on new pages too so we'll get to that!

by Sonicdude_uk

» Ganbare Goemon 2 Rom Translation In The Works!


Fans have wanted this to happen for a long time and finally evidence has been shown that someone is finally making this a reality!

Rom translators over at Aeon Genesis have been working on this and are currently 40% completed, that means that it could still be a while before this translation is completed but it’s good to know that it’s in the works!

Main dialogue´s been translated, but that´s probably only about 3/4s or so of the text; the remainder is graphics and big, alternate-font stuff. Haven´t gotten around to trying to put the main text back in the game, though.”

They’ve also shown some screenshots so far, there’s no normal text as of yet. But it shows that the Japanese has been replaced and it’s only a matter of time before the new dialogue is added.

Be sure to visit their page and keep a track on progress:


by Sonicdude_uk

Bit of News...!


If you have a Japanese Wii console, you'll be happy to know that Ganbare Goemon 2 - Kiteretsu Shogun Magginesu for Super famicom is one of this week's releases on the Japanese Virtual Console! In my opinion it was one of the best Goemon games. Shame i have a European Wii, otherwise i'd snatch it!

Also, site sleeping status wise... Coursework handing dates are nearly over. I have about 2 weeks left and i can finally breathe, then spend some time on poor ol Goemon International.

So what you waiting for Japanese Gamers & Console importers!? Start downloading the next virtual console Goemon game Now!

by Sonicdude_uk

I'm Not Dead, I'm Just Floating


Hey everyone, it is i... Sonicdude! Back from the dead! Well just been mega busy!

I haven't forgoten about Goemon, its just i've been prisoned by my Art, Photography, Media & Japanese so i've hardly had much free time and i've not really had the energy to work on the site.

I haven't updated anything just yet, i just wanted to point out that my exams and coursework handing dates are nearly over meaning you will be seeing updates! Don't expect anything just yet.

It'll still be a month or two before i have more free time to spare for Goemon International...

When i do return, i'm going to be giving this site a big cleanup! Fixing bad grammar and general maintanence. More staff members is going to be considered.

I want to bring Goemon International to the next level!

Thankyou for all the loyal fans and visitors to this website, it means alot that you all like to come here!

by Sonicdude_uk

OVA 2 Is Here!


I'm back! And please to announce we now have the 2nd OVA up online aswell as the original on a new page, these are higher quality video files compared to the previous capture, so you may want to download the 1st again too!

Special thanks goes to Jefferson for allowing me to use these videos and furthermore selling me the original cassette to the 2nd OVA.

Please take notice, there are times throughout the 2nd ova when video will freeze and jump, this is merely due to the cassette being old from ware and tear. No fear though, as it doesn't cause that much of a distruption.

Download Them Both Here!

(For now, they're being hosted on megaupload.com. This will change once server issues have been resolved.)

Also, if you visit the forums... You may have noticed Jingleboy's genious Glovepie script to control Goemon 64 through Project 64 using the Wii remote and it's motion techniques. I myself, loved the idea and bought a bluetooth dongle just for this & below is a video i recorded of me trying it out:

The video doesn't really do it justice as the computer i was using could barely handle smooth gameplay through Project 64, hence the slow reacting, sound & freezing. If your computer can handle Goemon 64 & you own a Wii-remote, then i surgest you give this a try! It adapts very well with various modes: nunchuck, classic & impact

Basically what you need is:

  • Wiimote (Nunchuk is optional)
  • A PC with Bluetooth. (I used a USB dongle)
  • Project 64 with Mystical Ninja Starring: Goemon ROM
  • GlovePIE 0.29 (I'll provide link here)

Got all that, then enjoy Goemon with Wii controls!

Download (v0.2) Here

Here's the original link to the topic to read more from the clever clogs himself :P

Enjoy The OVAs & Wii Controls!

by Sonicdude_uk

Stress Stress Stress!


Ah heck... These past few months have been tough... I've finally got some free *peaceful* time, so i've started to do a few things for the site. Be sure to vote in the poll on what you want to see more of!

Ganbare Goemon Neo Momoyama Bakufu No Odori TV Commercial

A new videoclip has been added, this could be where "goe goe" originates which was used in the recent DS commercial?

Also you'll notice i organised the videoclips into more separate pages, as it was getting too crowded and load time was a lil bit much... I'll be sorting out a few pages like this & improving the content that i have been meaning to for ages...!

Things im getting round to doing:

I still have the other 3 snes soundtracks to upload & one of our forum members "Sarahsuke" was kind enough to convert the original usf sound files ripped by "HCS" into MP3s from the 3rd N64 game: Goemon Mononoke Sugoroku, also ive finally found a twin audio jack cable, allowing me to record the soundtrack of Goemon Toukai Douchuu (DS)

Jingleboy surgested that i added a RSS Feed for the site, which i think would be a good idea. But i'm going to take care of a few things 1st & then look into adding one, gotta learn how they're made 1st.... (I reak of professionalism...! *nervous laugh*)

I will try and keep to my word about these updates, but if i fail... i think i'm going to start looking for more staff members to help maintain the site when i'm not around!

by Sonicdude_uk

I'm Not Dead!


Blimey! Sorry for not updating for ages, i have been genuinely busy... infact i still am, i don't exactly have as much spare time for the site as i used to, but don't think i've lost heart in Goemon because i haven't!

But to be honnest, as i've been gone for quite a while. So i've kinda forgot what i was doing & what needs to be done, So i'm basicly going to leave a poll in the forum and get some feedback on what you lot wanna see more of...

If you visit youtube from time to time, you may notice some interesting Goemon fandom is shown on there, which inspires me to create "Goemon TV - Shorts" This will be a simular set up to the main Goemon TV, except that all the content will be fan made either made by me or you! I'll be making a little demostration of it soon, obbviously it won't be as exciting as official Goemon; since it'll be completely fandom, but there are some interesting creations out there.

I mean, check these out:

A big fan of Goemon had custom created character replicas in Soul Calibur 3, surprisingly they are very good lookalikes!

WOW! an Ochestra performance of some the background music in Ganbare Goemon 2 on the Super Famicom!

And look at the skill, this player can tap to the Goemon song on
pop'n music 13
カーニバル CS!

It could just go on & on the fandom, so maybe you can see where i'm coming from now & perhaps you should get creative and show you fandom for the world to see!

Updating A.S.A.P!

by Sonicdude_uk

We Have Moved.... Bit Late News :P


Ooooh.... getting a lil bit un-organised.... But this is basicly to say that the site has moved to freehostia because sitesled damaged the original site's frame with the embedded advertisments against my will & they once again removed the Wii site, so i lost it and searched for another host which so far is looking great!


Don't forget it!!!!

I've added 2 lil things while i've had some free time:

GGA Mystical Ninja 2 Starring Goemon - Opening

Special thanks to Kafei2006 over on youtube for allowing me to convert and upload the video onto the site!

And for Music Video Makers! & Fans, i've added a new page for it under the fan section so you can watch music videos created around the world with randomly selected songs, our first music video on there so far is

Wada Koji - Burning Overdrive

Created by Truro who you may know from the site forum

Don't forget about the OVA i recently put up incase you haven't seen it, it's now been placed on Goemon TV to stream from the webserver, you can watch episode 2 here!

And this may be news to some, but i arranged to get the 2nd OVA with an export company who claim they've got it for me, but i currently see NO evidence, so i'm going to be chasing them up... I can't guarantee i'll be getting it but lets hope for the best!

by Sonicdude_uk

Goemon OVA To be Broadcast on Goemon TV Today!


This may be a bit sudden but we have finally captured the Goemon OVA, which only the loyal members were aware of for a while now... But anyway, here's your chance to finally see it.

The page is up on Goemon TV, go take alook!
(Bare in mind, demand is high... so bandwidth overage is likely)

here's the schedule for the live streaming incase you're not able to view the direct server stream:

Schedule For Live Broadcast:


12pm, 5pm, 10pm (UK)

7am, 12pm, 5pm (U.S)

Please contact me if your unsure about your timezone!

by Sonicdude_uk

Hosting Threats?!


I nearly didn't post this, because i don't really wanna cause a scene but... Some may have noticed, the Wii site & the old layout remake is missing, that is because our host sitesled deleted the server!

I'm trying to bring it back, i can't promise anything because it'll likely get deleted again. It's pretty annoying this has happened, but since they deleted that server without any form of communication, it leads me to believe that the Main site is at risk aswell!

We're getting to the stage of needing to move to a new host

Incase of the site just dissappearing, you'll know why & i'll report it on the Site Forum & Mystical Ninja Club, I'm looking for a little down time as possible, if i do find a new host i'll notify it & supply the new url; heck... i may just buy a domain.

Ganbare Goemon International!

by Sonicdude_uk

Yes... it was an April Fools joke :P


If only that joke i pulled yesterday was true, i thought it was quite funny how i pretty much pointed out it was April fools day & then i go on to announce Goemon appearing in Smash Bros ha ha!

So if you believed it, then well... it was obbvious! :P

To make up for that mean joke, i've uploaded the mp3s from the wii site and should be putting them up on the main site soon enough. And i'm also going to be capturing the soundtrack to the DS title, so keep and eye out for it!

Oh and a little late on the news but on the Wii Virtual Console you can now download:

Legend of the Mystical Ninja/Yukihime Kyuushutsu Emaki

On the following regions:


Be sure to check vc-reviews.com, they're great for getting updates on the Virtual Console!

Update: A good source we know as Gonintendo recently posted some news about Legend of The Mystical Ninja finally being rated for the U.S, the game is expected to be available on Monday!

Good things come to those who wait!

by Sonicdude_uk

Goemon on Smash Bros Brawl?! (APRIL FOOL JOKE)


Argh! lame! I completely forgot it was April 1st! awww ohwell... i could of played a little prank, some may remember the poorly photoshopped Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon Port on Nintendo DS?

Well, the site's been getting quiet again... but i have got news!

It seems Konami are getting more keen into Smash Bros Brawl for the Nintendo Wii, today it's been announced on smashbro's official Japanese site. That 2 more characters have been added to the list: Goemon & Sonic The Hedgehog!

This is just amazing news, i'll get back to you if i find anything else!

by Sonicdude_uk

Game Centre CX - Goemon Programmer Interview


Hey, one of the members (Rightot) from the Mystical Ninja club posted the link to this youtube video of a game show called Game Centre CX (ゲームセンタ-CX) shown on Fujitv (Japan obbviously :P)

As far as i know, the show is basicly just covering retro games. But it's still quite interesting to see Goemon Programmer & actually seeing a show about Goemon!

Original Youtube Link

I may be able to get it subtitled soon, so i'll get back to you on that... that reminds me, the site is in need of people who can speak good Japanese & English and wouldn't mind translating articles, videos etc.

Wanna Start the Goemon Translation Group? ^_^

Any form of help would be greatly appreciated!

by Sonicdude_uk



Konami has FINALLY answered our hopes & prayers, it seems The Legend of The Mystical Ninja is heading onto the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console!

The source of this information came from here, the listing should appear on ESRB soon! This is fanatasic news, more information as we get it, i believe its to be relased March time in Europe & Austraila. I'll keep an eye out for Japan & U.S too.

by Sonicdude_uk

Goemon International Wii Launch!


Yay! Snow day today! So since i've been freed from school i thought i'd try & finish off the wii site, so i did!

Most of the site has been modified to suit the wii layout, it's still early days and pages/content will likely be changing around the next few months.

So if you got a Wii, why not visit it now by either clicking the Wii banner on the splash page or by clicking here!

I haven't really been able to test everything so if you spot any errors please say something, one more thing i should mention is that there currently aren't any English episodes on there.... yet!

by Sonicdude_uk