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09 Apr 2011

I'm back with the next update i've been meaning to do. I've now given the same treatment to the OVAs with a Flashplayer/Downloader as I did in my previous update with the Anime Episodes. I feel this player is more appealing to look at also. I got to admit that sadly these aren't re-captured files from the original tapes. I attempted this but was having issues with my device as for some reason it's no longer accepting NTSC properly...

They did appear, but in Black & White. I will look into that further, later on down the line. Whilst viewing these tapes, I was gutted to realise that the 2nd OVA tape is damaged to a degree which is noticeable in the current capture, where frames would freeze and the tracking would be lost for some periods. I guess the original owner of the tape, played it too much! Hopefully another tape will surface and we can get them both captured to the best quality possible.

So you can check out the new OVA Player right now, I hope you enjoy it! When you select the video box art, It takes you to a synopsis page in Japanese & English. I wasn't able to figure out the Kanji from the 1st ova case so that's not the original discription unfortunately. The 2nd ova however is exactly whats written on the back of the box and I "attempted" to translate it for the English discription. I may change it later on, as It doesn't look completely right. It's been quite hard to work out what these were saying, due to language barrier and I was having to rely on some google translation as well as my own interpretation from watching the OVAs. If anyone is able to type up the 1st ova discription or give better translations then that'd be very appreciated!

Also, when I get back home later this week, I'll upload this CD single from Ganbare Goemon: Derodero Douchu Obake Tenkomori. It has four tracks consisting of Smile Again and Double Impact in Vocal & Karaoke versions. I'll update this news section once it's available.

I hope you enjoy the OVA Player, Its currently being Hosted with somewhere that i'd like to think will be temporary until we can find a new host, as our current has unfortunately let us down. But for the time being this should be working with no problems occuring.

And before I go, I'd just like to give my condolences to all those in Japan that had been experiencing the traumatic Earthquake and Tsunami. Our thoughts go out to you all and we hope things will be picking up for you very soon... Ganbare Nippon!!

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#1 » by 1 @ 23 Jun 2011 12:27 am
I like the new player, but I was wondering where the direct downloads to the episodes went to, as it now only streams it.
#2 » by Jingleboy @ 08 Jul 2011 12:37 am
You can still download episodes using the player. Within the player, simply click on the episode you want to download, then on the right-hand side it gives you the option to either download in Japanese or English.
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