This is a GlovePIE script, which is used to allow you to play Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon with a Nintendo Wii Remote and/or Nunchuk and Classic Controller. This Script was written by me, Jingleboy, and I hope you give it a shot and enjoy it!


There are 3 control-modes the game can be played in, and one sub mode.

Mode 1: Wii Remote by its self. This mode is rather simple.

Mode 2: Wii Remote and Nunchuk, and features the Sub mode. This mode features motion controls and more imporantly, the Submode, "Impact mode" which allows the player to play Impact bosses in a simiar style to Wii Boxing. You enter this mode by pressing 1 + 2 on the Wii Remote.

Mode 3: Classic Controller. For those who want a good controller but no motion controls.

What you need:

A Wii Remote (Nunchuk or Classic Controller is optional)

Bluetooth dongle

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon ROM and Project 64

GlovePIE version 0.29 or above: DOWNLOAD HERE DOWNLOAD HERE

How to do:

1. First things first, Connect the Wiimote to your PC successfully via Bluetooth. (Learn how to do this Here.)

2. Extract "" and load "GoemonN64v0.3.PIE" in GlovePIE. (Game Control instructions are described in GlovePIE in purple.)

3. Boot up the Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon ROM in Project 64. (Not tested in other Emulators.)

4. In PJ64, go to "Options" > "Configure controller plugin".

5. For player 1, go to "Load Profile".

6. Select "goemon64controls.jsf" to be loaded.

7. Go back to GlovePIE, and press the "Run" button at the top.

8. Go back to PJ64 and enjoy Goemon with Wii controls!

The result:

Here is Sonicdude_UK showing off his awesome Goemon skills with the Wii Remote script.

The instructions on this page are mainly for setting the Wii Remote/GlovePIE system up.

All the controls are noted in the GlovePIE script, in the purple text. Be sure to give them a read!

If you have problems with the script or have detected a bug, please be sure to contact us via the Contact page.