My Goemon Auction... 6th April
02 Apr 2012

Hello Everyone... Hope you are all well...

I'm afraid I don't have an update for the site but it's just to let you know that i'm going to be having an auction soon which will contain some Rare Goemon stuff... I've been putting off doing this for some time now...

It feels really wrong for me to be doing this... But I'm at a point where I really need to make some money (otherwise this wouldnt be happening...!) ...Oh the joys of being a student in this economic climate!

Everything you see in the photo will be available on ebay starting 6th April until 14th April, all listings ending approximately 20:30. This auction will be running for 10 days.

Just to make things clear... I'm still and ALWAYS will be a fan of Goemon and I'm keeping my most valued items such as the games. I'm parting with these things because 1.) I don't have a NTSC VCR... 2.) I can't read or understand Japanese and 3.) I feel these items would be better with someone who didn't keep these sealed away in a dark storage. I've just not had any use out of these and would love to give other fans the oportunity to own these... I'm becoming less materialistic.

I am one who does take care of things and like to keep things in the best condition possible... For example, I was always afraid to have the animation cels on display incase of sun damage... So they're wasted on me!

The VHS tapes for the Goemon OVAs are also bit hard for me to let go of, since these were so hard to obtain. But ultimately I did what I wanted to with them, which was share them online with you all and I was the FIRST to ever get these OVAs online! I know I can always watch these versions so i've never had the need to even buy an old VCR.

I will post another update when these items are available (6th April), alongside with ebay links. Don't miss out this oportunity, if you are looking for any of these... as some of these things are VERY RARE... especially outside of Japan!

If you have any questions, please let me know under comments of this update. Also if you are only interested in one or two of the mangas and would rather these individual, we can come to an agreement if before auction ends.

...This is it!

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#1 » by Jingleboy @ 06 Apr 2012 01:05 am
Btw I should point out, only me and you can post comments because we are admins. I had to remove posting comments until I find a captcha system that works. The spambot problem was pretty big.
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